Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 3

So much for our nice weather as during the night it started to rain although not too hard or long. Woke early and was on our way shortly after 7am with the roads wet. Followed the Canarvon Highway north to Roma where I tried to get the diff seal replaced and when that wasn't going to happen we booked ourselves into Canarvon George a day earlier and pressed on. Same as the previous few days Gabi made lunch in the morning and we ate while driving and made good time. After Injune the Highway became pretty narrow in sections which made encounters with the road trains a bit more interesting. Found the turn off to the Nat Park without trouble but wasn't long before I was wondering if they had incorrectly listed the camp grounds as suitable for caravans as we got to our first creek ford. The road deteriorated and the creek crossings didn't improve but we got through without incident to find the campground full of quite a few caravans - some quite big. Weather was nice 21 with clear skies so after booking in we set up camp and then proceeded to set up the annex. I soon realized that I had left one of the roof poles back at home but thought I could work around it. We were in the process of pegging out the last lines when we realised we had the annex upside down. Stop for a coffee and then dismantle it and reassemble the right side up - looked ok even with the missing pole. Booked ourselves in for a spit roast meal tommorrow night. Attended an information session from a guide at 5pm and then promptly booked ourselve into a guided night walk looking for Glider possums and also a guided tour of the lower george.
Back to camp for dinner and then it started raining. Later in the evening I find the annex is holding water so I have to empty it without soaking myself much to Gabi's amusement.

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